Purpose ~ Power ~ Prosperity

Gain clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue your path and live the life you deserve on purpose.

About the Network

I bring together an inner circle of professional and executive women who are tired of feeling stuck, unfulfilled and uncertain about what they truly want, to get clear on your life’s purpose and safely unmask in a supportive community of like-minded women to unlock the keys to your success, remove mental blocks to your prosperity, and gain clarity  so that you  Rock Your Magic ! 

  • Step into your Power
  • Confident and Powerful.
  • A Clear Path of Purpose, Impact and Influence
  • Fulfillment
  • Joy
  • Freedom

What You Get

  • Digital Training Sessions released weekly on such topics that build your   confidence,  create clarity so you know what you want, unleash your inner champion to think bigger to pursue your dreams, eliminate struggle and overwhelm, and create prosperity.  
  • Access to tools, strategies, and  trainings,  to  equip you on your journey and transform your life.    
  • Access to live Q&A sessions with Dr. Bell with an opportunity to engage and receive help on the spot.
  • Access to exclusive events,  and much, much more.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and meet new friends from around the globe.

Annual Membership includes Digital Purpose Driven Woman Digital Planner and Vision Board Live Virtual Training to kick a new year. 

The Community

A place where you belong. 

Like-minded women  learning, sharing, growing, and accelerating. 

A space to collaborate, network, support, engage, expand, and  be celebrated.

The Movement

The  Purpose Driven Women  movement  is about women  who honor their call to purpose. 

All call to be all of you.

Unapologetically Authentic!

Purposeful ~ Powerful ~ Prosperous

A call to action, to make a difference.

A call  legacy. 

Meet the Founder

I am a 30-year corporate executive turned entrepreneur who at one point in her life found herself at a crossroads ending a 27-year career and 24-year spousal relationship. It was a dark and uncertain time. I needed a change. I turned my own pain into my ultimate power. Re-emerging from divorce, losses, and an unexpected career change, to become an author, global speaker, and  sought-out coach for women to help them become more and earn more.  

Life can be messy and full of twists and turns. 

You are not the mess, YOU BECOME THE MESSAGE.

 Purpose. Power. Prosperity.